1- Obligations of the lessor:

The landlord must deliver the tenant housing and furniture free from major defects, consistent with the descriptive state and inventory, maintain the housing in good rental condition; return the deposit, at the end of the rental, according to the terms stipulated in chapter 6 below and solve any problems that may occur during the stay.

2 - Obligations of the tenant:

The tenant agrees to use the rented premises in "good father"; to occupy them personally without exceeding the number of persons to indicate in the contract and to answer for deteriorations or losses occurred during the duration of the contract, unless it proves that they took place by force majeure, by the fault of the lessor or by the fact of a third party that he did not introduce in the housing.

- Do not assign or rent under any circumstances the present rent, even free of charge, unless written agreement of the lessor

- The hiring will take place from fifteen o'clock and before eighteen o'clock (except agreement of the lessor or case of major forces)

- The premises must be returned by appointment before eleven hours after contacting the landlord the day before departure to the maximum and in the same condition as the arrival daily cleaning included.

- It is forbidden to smoke inside the accommodation. To modify in no way the places, nor the arrangement of the furniture.

- Our friends the animals are admitted under conditions that it is not categorized dangerous, vaccinations up to date, and attach in the enclosure of the co-ownership.

- The use of the barbecue is allowed within the limit of a reasoned use and respecting the neighborhood.

- The charges include water, electricity, gas within the limit of a reasoned use. Any abuse may be due.


3 - Reservation:

- The final booking will be made after payment of the deposit of 25% of the rental amount.

- The tenant will lose the deposit if he withdraws from the 30th day until the 16th day before taking the place. If this cancellation to places from the 15th day until the entry the total amount of the reservation will be due. - In case of no-show the balance of the reservation will be due.

- Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter, or by email. - In case of reservation by a platform, the general conditions of this one apply.


4 - Payment & Deposit:

- The tenant agrees to pay the balance on arrival in the rental.

- Remote Cb payments are accepted upon request.

- For any balance paid by bank transfer or credit card, it must be done 48 hours before entering the premises.

- A security deposit in the amount of 250 € for stays longer than 3 nights is required at the entrance of the rental.

- The amount for the tourist tax is calculated as follows: number of people over 18 years X Number of nights X 0.90 €


5 - contradictory state of affairs:

- A contradictory inventory will be made at the entrance and exit of the premises, as well as meter readings by the lessor and the tenant.

- All the installations are in working order and all claims concerning them occurring more than 48 hours after the entry into use of the premises can not be admitted. - After this period, the rented goods will be considered as free from damage to the tenant's entrance.


6 - Return of the deposit:

- The deposit will be refunded at the time of departure except in case of degradation where it will be returned within 1 month with proof of purchase and deduction caused damage to objects, furniture, broken, cracked, chipped or damaged materials and those whose wear exceeds normal for the rental period.

- In case of return of the bed linen or toilet on stained, cleaning not done, trash not emptied, delay in the state of places of exit an amount of 40 € will be kept on the caiution as compensation.


7 - Destination:

- The premises are rented for residential use. It is not the main residence of the tenant.

- Parties, housewarming, bachelor party or any other noise nuisance are forbidden in the accommodation.

8 - Insurance:

- The tenant agrees to insure against the rental risks (fire, water damage). The latter undertakes to check whether his housing contract provides for the extension of the resort or to subscribe to a particular contract. Failure to insure in the event of a claim will result in damages.

- The tenant has the obligation to report to the landlord within 24 hours any incident occurring in the housing, its dependencies or accessories.

9 - Commitment:

- Each party agrees to comply with and comply with the terms of this contract. Each party accepts these general rental conditions. In case of disagreement, the parties undertake to make every effort to resolve it amicably. Failing this, the domicile court of the lessor will be the only one competent to judge the facts.



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